The sign of 9 / 11
304 pages in full colour

Have a look at the cover of the book OREZ. You will see a hand holding a key with a little cross in it. This key symbolises the book The sign of 911.

You probably know how a key to a map works. The key is usually a set of symbols found somewhere at the bottom of the map, indicating specific meanings to be found on the map itself. If you understand what the symbols stand for, you will know what is shown on the map. The book The sign of 911, contains concepts and symbols through which a very unique and unusual key is established. If you learn and understand the key, you will be equipped to decipher or decode the secret pattern that underpins LIFE (the map).

This book is in part like a working manual and therefore not easy reading. I do not advise anyone to read it without first reading OREZ. Without the qualifying information of OREZ, The sign of 911 will leave you confused and frustrated. However, dispersed throughout the book are images and text especially designed to serve as “food for the soul”. These parts are much easier to read and brighten up the book. The book in itself is a metaphor illustrating LIFE. The mixture between the technical data and the more soulful content illustrates how the technicalities and logical brain processes through which we survive LIFE serve as a distraction, preventing us from recognising the real beauty and the truth that lies in front of our eyes.

The sign of 911 is a signature that God placed in all things. It was always there, but we could not see it. However, something has changed recently. God is creating “911 events” in modern time through which he signals that we are in a very special period of existence. Although this book is not primarily about the event of 911, it shows why this tragic event ,together with many other recent events ,points to the nearing end of the world as we know it.

A little concise replica of the book The sign of 911, is available (106 pages partly in colour). This little pocket sized book only contains the easier and the more soulful contents of the main book and does not go into much technical detail. If you have read and understood the concepts of the first two books, this little book will serve as a very concise reminder of the essence of what you have learnt. The title is Jesus i am , but WHO is SAM? It is written as a letter to the church, but is in effect meant as a letter to everyone...
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