Title: OREZ Author: John Peter Reviewer: Vanessa Finaughty
The ideas in OREZ blew my mind. If you enjoy philosophy and new ideas, this book is for you – its main purposes are to reveal life’s truths and mysteries and to prove the existence of God, and the author has put forward some intriguing ideas about God, Heaven, Hell and humanity’s purpose on Earth, amongst other things.

Readers drawn to OREZ should keep an open mind when reading, as much of the book’s contents can be viewed as controversial. Devout religious readers in particular should remember that even Jesus’ and other religious icons’ teachings were considered offensive and controversial in their time, and that this book in no way claims that there is no God – just the opposite, in fact, as the focus is on life being an intentional, intelligent creation and not an ‘accident of nature’.

The ideas in OREZ are not hard to comprehend, and the explanations are solid and logical in most cases. I still wouldn’t call this light reading, though, so be prepared to do some heavy thinking as you read. While I found it difficult to judge whether or not OREZ contains divine truths, many of the author’s ideas fall in line with my personal views, so I found this interesting reading and believe the author may very well have something worth sharing. My advice to readers: read OREZ and decide for yourself.

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